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Transition campus

It's an institution based in Forges (Ile-de-France) whose aim is to deploy the cross-disciplinary skills needed to take action on ecological, economic, social and political issues.

Their mission is to train to transform Higher Education.

👫 We spent more than 10 days immersed in the region, equipped with our microphones 🎤 and our notebooks.

In total, we conducted 6 interviews and made around 15 hours of fascinating recordings (Cécile RENOUARD, Philippe BOUTREL, Florence DROUET, Tom RENAULT, Timothée VERNIER, Mohammed BRIDJI). Thank you to them for their precious time and your shared experiences 🙌

The Campus is attached to the Oasis Colibris network. It is the first establishment of its kind created in France. It is inspired by similar initiatives such as Schumacher College (Totnes, Great Britain) or the Sustainability Institute (South Africa).

📑 We've carried out our own research there on ecological tipping points, which will soon be transcribed and we'll be able to move on to analysis!

🌱 We also did some volunteering in the vegetable garden and kitchen.

⛺️ Accommodation

We slept in a safari tent and it was a superb experience! It is of course possible to stay inside the castle when space permits.

We were able to experience the outdoor solar showers! And what a feeling of freedom 💦

🥦 Food

  • Meals are prepared on site, and shared together at set times. The ingredients are local, organic, seasonal, vegetarian and partly from the permaculture vegetable garden.

📣 Governance

Réunion hebdomadaire
  • Several circles coexist (core, COPILO, thematic, etc.)


  • A former school

🔎 How lucky we were to be chosen at the time of the academic council meeting, which we were able to attend in view of our association with research.

❓What do we do?

Groups are regularly received (teacher-researchers, teachers, schools, etc.).

Several training courses are offered (from 2 days to 2 months). Their flagship course is the #T-Campus; the next one is scheduled for the autumn!

You can volunteer there or bring your own organisation for a committed seminar.

Don't hesitate to have a look at their website, where everything is fully explained!


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