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Bonne Vie: Immersion for a 1st collective experiment

Updated: Mar 15

📍 How about a collective co-living space in the heart of nature and close to Paris?

In February 2023, we took part in a writing residency for the project, to take a step back on our intentions, our writing desires and the different formats we want to develop over the coming months.

❇️ We discovered the Moulin Inattendu, a friendly venue run by the Bonne Vie collective.

We had a great time and met some inspiring people from different backgrounds. It was a great opportunity for many of us to take the time to immerse ourselves in a collective way of life, which is particularly fertile for taking our first ecological steps.

💡 Anecdote about the place: you can find some of the spaces in the mill in the "Parenthèse inattendue" programme available on Youtube.

👉 We took advantage of the opportunity to make a short video that sums up the purpose of the place and lets you discover the setting for our week spent there.

Thank you Adrien Cabo and Thomas Goellner for your warm welcome!


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