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Eco-village: a sober and joyful way of life

Updated: Mar 15

Almost 2000 ecological immersions in one and a half years!

This is the number of people who have been received at "La Caserne Bascule" since its opening in June 2021.

Sometimes to discover the place, the community and its functioning, sometimes to participate in an internship, a seminar, a training, or a participatory workcamp.

🪖 This former military building was rehabilitated and then rented to the La Bascule collective to give it a new life full of pep!

A brown of history

For 1 year, the collective of La Bascule had taken up residence in Pontivity, in a disused polyclinic.

Their intention? Simply "to invent the world of tomorrow".

After this experience as a learning collective, different islands emerged, including the one in Joigny.

The Barracks

The "geographers" (name taken from the past of the place) are the super volunteers in charge of the place. "RTL" (understand Long Time Residents) also live there between 2 weeks and 3 months and are in support of the general organization.

👥 Governance

Everything is done in shared governance, in self-management and the decisions are exciting to live.

🏢 Inside.

Common living spaces, rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 50 people, a "creative agora", a movement room, a cafeteria, a refectory, a chill corner conducive to reading and relaxation, a "disguise" to find one's joyful child soul but also a workshop, a free shop and a coworking space.

👩🏼🌾 Outside

A permaculture vegetable garden is under construction. Lasagna mounds, mandala, water management, human perma, ... Everything is there!

Great connections are made with La Bascule Argoat, another 'island of the Archipelago' of the Bascule; which had notably supported the CasBa in the emergence of this permaculture project.

The CasBa is also open to the territory and participates in ecological and social dynamization. Many initiatives exist in Joigny (Convergence des Possibles or Renaissance Joigny).

Many organizations have been received there: The Climate Fresk, Dernière Rénovation, Fertiles, The Digital Collage, The Sexism Collage, Faire Système, SCANI, Fresque des nouveaux récits, Makesense, Deep Time Walk, 2tonnes, La Primaire Populaire, Printemps écologique, ...

The participation is done in a "free and conscious" way, it means that you participate in the expenses to the height of what you can, what seems to you right and of your investment for the collective. A good way to question our relationship to money!

This is a special place for us because we lived there as a third party for almost 11 months in 2021.

We lived its emergence and its development from the inside!

A fascinating and enriching human and ecological experience that helped a lot in the making of Kosmogonia.

To learn more, watch our capsule-story of Phil Becquet, co-founder of the Caserne Bascule (activate english subtitles)


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