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Our story capsules

As well as being a research project, it was our intention from the outset to use this odyssey as a playground to develop a long-dormant interest in audiovisual production.

We want to try our hand at shooting, scriptwriting and editing in a variety of formats, so that you can :

  • discover the organisations we meet

  • follow our peregrinations

  • draw inspiration from references

⏺️ We are convinced that the video format is a powerful catalyst for transformation, as it allows us to touch the sensitive, creative and artistic chords that are so essential for addressing ecological issues.

At the outset of Kosmogonia, we even had the idea of embarking on a documentary series project, but in the end this was shelved in view of our meagre skills and the sheer number of subjects we've already tackled... we can't do everything at once!

However, this project is probably just a postponement: we intend to gain experience over the next two years and keep this project warm 😉

❓ And your story capsules: what are they?

So, to begin with, we opted for the story capsule format!

These intermediate formats (15-20 minutes) allow you to get to know a project leader from an organisation you have met during the Kosmogonia odyssey.

Sparknews sometimes helped us for the sourcing.

As far as post-production is concerned, we want to give a certain dynamism to the subjects covered, with multiple text, image and video inlays. It's a big job that we now share with Nina, Noé & Valérie (we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism)👌🏻

📍 So far, 5 story capsules have been broadcast on our Youtube channel, and other formats will follow (short immersion, long immersion, etc.).

You'll find a timeline directly on the videos to make it easier to navigate between the questions that interest you.


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