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Ecology and local territories

Updated: Mar 15

The role of local and regional authorities in ecological change is essential.

As well as changing individual behaviour, transforming large organisations and overhauling a national political vision, ecological shifts must also take place in the regions, locally, within the territories.

🎤 At the beginning of 2023, we were able to meet the team at La Traverse, an association supporting local dynamics of ecological and social transitions. This project, created in 2019, works to increase the resilience of territories through three main axes: Support, training and advocacy.

❓ What is resilience?

❓ What are the specific challenges facing rural areas?

❓ What levers can be used to address these issues?

Félix VÈVE, one of the collective's co-founders, takes us on a tour of the collective's origins, the various direct actions that La Traverse is taking in the regions, the difficulties encountered and also the achievements and sources of inspiration.

We hope you enjoy listening!

Note: this is our last capsule-story in this format, as we have decided to focus primarily on the research programme rather than the audiovisuals for the next two years.


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