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From genesis to now

Updated: Mar 15

📍 December 2021: The start of the Kosmogonia adventure

After 5 years rich in meetings, learning and emotions, we are leaving our beloved shared accommodation, "Badoumière", in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

We had already been independent for more than a year (we are co-founder of Essaim d'avenir , our company to support the ecological transition of organizations )

📍 September 2022 : big departure celebration and official launch of the project, surrounded by our close friends, members of our families, teacher researchers of the project and residents of CasBa 🎉

📍 October 2022: Production of our first story capsule, that of Phil Becquet from Caserne Bascule . We are therefore starting a new learning curve in audiovisual production and direction, on new formats available on YouTube, it's super exciting and at the same time a whole new profession.

This month is also that of a new committed European getaway , this time to London, where we left accompanied by 20 fresco artists from the network for a giant Climate Fresco workshop . It was the continuation of the experience in the Nordic countries in May, a real treat!

📍 November 2022: we return the keys to our Jovinienne room and officially become itinerant (thanks to the parents for storing belongings).

From now on without a fixed abode: we are diving into a new nomadic lifestyle which has a myriad of surprises and encounters in store for Kosmogonia.

📍 November 2022 - March 2023: during the first five months, we met with 15 organizations and conducted 30 research interviews . At the same time, we achieved a total of

8 story capsules (available on YouTube as they are edited, on average 2 to 3 months after their recording).

Find the list of organizations that have taken part in the exercise so far:

> It is a very sustained start-up pace which we will reduce for the following months in order to allow us to take time to analyze the first research lessons, to produce new audiovisual formats, as well as to take greater advantage of the places on our way.

📍 February 2023: Beyond the multiple interviews carried out, we had the opportunity to spend a week of writing residency at the Moulin Inattendu, of the Bonne Vie collective. A very refreshing week of co-living with great encounters! We thank Adrien and Thomas for their warm welcome, we will return there this summer without a doubt. We also made a dedicated video about it .

📍 March 2023: At the beginning of March, we spent a week of residency at the beginning of March at Amanins , an agro-ecological center in Drôme. It was for us a real trigger of inspiration and a catalyst for reading and writing. We had the privilege of speaking at length with the members of the team, including Isabelle Peloux, co-founder of the project and instigator of the Colibri school.

We liked the on-site immersion so much that we are planning a dedicated video format, a first "long immersion" of around thirty minutes minimum.

At the end of March, we are heading to Belgium to follow NVC training, a new step for us which promises to be very enriching, we will come back to this experience in the next Kosmo'letter!

📍 January 2022 - September 2022: we choose the Caserne Bascule as a warm and harmonious base camp (thanks to the "geographers" for their welcome 😍) for the new chapter that is opening. A chapter where we juggle between:

- A strong voluntary commitment within various associative structures (notably within La Fresque du Climat where we have been very active since the beginning of 2019)

- Our professional activities with Essaim d’avenir which allow us to finance

- The start of the Kosmogonia research project

From there, we will keep these multiple hats for several years, gradually adapting their respective shares in our time and energy according to the evolution of our projects.

Our time at the Caserne Bascule was particularly rich in meetings, learning good practices and tools for living better as a collective, good daily food, creativity and joyful-festive moments.

We lived at La Caserne Bascule for 1 year, being there about 1/3 of the time.

But then where were we the rest of the time? Well first of all, often in Nantes : we gave courses there on the energy transition & planetary limits, then began the work of framing the research project with the teacher-researchers at the start of the year. .

We were also regularly in Paris for professional interventions (conferences, workshops, training, etc.): this is our way of financing Kosmogonia.

We take advantage of this every time to spend time with friends and within the associative networks in which we are involved (mainly Climate Fresco and Sexism Fresco).


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