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Anecdotes & nuggets

👏🏻 First puncture for Anastasia!

It was 8:30 a.m., on a steep road in the Drôme, heading towards the town of Eurre, for an interview with the mayor.

It was finally him who came to get us; it was funny! 😂

🤟🏼 French Retirement protestation

While in Paris this Thursday, March 23, we went to the demonstration departing from Bastille, to provide our support for the struggles that are converging. Also the opportunity to enjoy the great atmosphere offered by Alternatiba! “No retirees, on a burned planet” (soon in stores)

❇️ Mom, Dad, I went to Matignon

Last December, we facilitated a Climate Fresco workshop at the Prime Minister's office and for senior officials at the INSP (thought for the team present those days 💚)

As part of the government's commitment to training for the entire public service

👀 Our cultural gems from the start of the year

The play Coupures at the Théâtre de l'Oeuvre. A play which confronts us with the limits and contradictions of our society in the face of ecological issues and which places the democratic issue at the heart. Brilliant, outrageous, moving.

The play Deux Frères at the Comédie des Trois Bornes. Performed by Renaud Merviel and Julien Goetz. Touching, funny and questions what makes us who we are.

The Crowds exhibition at the Cité des Sciences, an immersive and interactive experience to understand group dynamics.

💚 Great job discoveries

At Amanins, we took the opportunity to discover certain professions whenever we had the opportunity. We love it, and it gives even more meaning to the odyssey. It was a super learning treat!

🐑 We tested an unusual morning routine

We also had the chance to bottle-feed the little lambs. Particularly rejuvenating and moving moments of connection.


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