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Alibi community

In 2023, we were thinking about setting up a community of mutual support, practices and ideas around low-carbon travel.

When it comes to travelling by train, bus or hitchhiking in different countries, it's a safe bet that many of us are doing the same research on the internet.

So we started getting together with the La Route du Soja team, whom we met through an interview we'd done with their organisation (La Traverse).

Now there are 4 of us, we've started sharing best practices and sketching out a common framework, and here we are: L'alibi is born!

A low-carbon journey with a committed project

Or a committed project while travelling low-carbon

In just a few weeks, over 200 of us met up again on a Whatsapp loop! We've now structured a FB group with themed channels.

✨ The enthusiasm is there and we're delighted to see that, together, we can reinvent our relationship with travel and time, and take the time to marvel consciously.


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