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2tonnes : experiment for a sustainable world

Updated: Mar 15

What transition scenario for a low-carbon world?

This is what the founder of 2tonnes, Pierre-Alix Lorret, proposes as a philosophical question for the world of tomorrow.

He invited us to Paris to answer our questions and take part in the story-telling exercise. Pierre-Alix talks to us about the desirability of a low-carbon world, learning communities, getting people moving, accelerating the transition and what's holding us back from taking action.

🎥 In this interview, go behind the scenes of a flagship workshop on the subject of carbon transition - at the time of publication of this video, the 2tonnes serious game had been played by almost 40,000 people worldwide, in schools, businesses, elected representatives and even government ministries!

The collective now has almost 3,000 facilitators supporting the deployment of the tool, and the number is growing all the time.

💡We met up with the two people behind the project, Pierre Alix and François, during our wanderings through the ecological transition ecosystem in 2019. We hope you enjoy listening!

To take part in a workshop:


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