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Schumacher college

🎓 Last November, we spent 10 days immersed in Schumacher College, a benchmark school in integral ecology for 33 years, located in the village of Dartington Trust, a beautiful place steeped in history.

Long-term Masters courses (holistic sciences, transition economics, horticulture, etc.) are offered by Plymouth University. There are also post-bac courses, during which students live in the village.

❣️ A special pedagogical feature of this site: the "head-heart-body" triptych, used as a common thread in teaching. This teaching method can be found in France at the Campus de la Transition and in the Climate Fresk workshop.

📚 The name Schumacher is directly inspired by the eponymous economist Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, known for his 1973 book 'Small is beautiful'.

His philosophy is still present in the DNA of the school and in the teaching of Satish Kumar, a world-famous activist who is still very active at the school at the age of 87.

✉️ The institute is currently going through a pivotal period as it changes its model and becomes independent of Dartington, after more than thirty years of direct relationship. 🤞🏻

---- Photo captions :

1 - The Dartington Trust village where we stayed. The park is sumptuous

2 - Dartington is a stone's throw from #Totnes on a safe, bucolic woodland path.

3 - The Schumacher College buildings. A real community centre.

4 - What luck, when we arrived, the school was also celebrating the return of Satish Kumar, the founder, a very inspiring moment.

🎨 Art has historically played a central role in Dartington.

With ancient trees in autumn colours, 14th-century buildings and mischievous squirrels, the surroundings are ideal for contemplation, slowing down and reflection.

🎤 We were able to meet with teachers, students and Mona Nasseri, as well as interviewing Satish Kumar, Rob Hopkins, Jay Tompt and Jonathan Dawson.

The interviews will soon be analysed by the team Céline Del Bucchia, Arnaud Stimec, José Maillet & ourselves.


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