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Kosmogonia seminar at the Transition Campus 🇫🇷

Updated: 4 days ago

October 2023, the Save the date is sent.

No fewer than 70 people joined the Kosmogonia Seminar in December 2023 at the Campus de la Transition, in the fabulous Domaine de Forges.

Between emotions and intellectual ebullitions, we couldn't have hoped for a more flamboyant final event before heading off to the far east of the world.

Researchers, friends, associative comrades, partners... We all met up for 3 days on the premises of France's most famous school for transitions.

It was an opportunity to meet different ecosystems, laugh, eat well and work together 💪

Day 1 : Seminar with core team

For the first time, the entire core team is meeting face-to-face in a location outside our usual routine. Céline Del Bucchia, Arnaud Stimec and José Maillet join us in Forges.

We are also delighted to welcome Sandrine Frémeaux, associate professor at Kosmogonia.

On the program: taking stock of the past year, projecting into the future, prioritizing research topics, delicious vegetarian meals, walks in the woods and a photo at the foot of the giant sequoia decked out in its winter finery.

Day 2 : Extended research seminar

A great day! We work with the Campus teams (Cécile Renouard, Tom Renault, Florence Drouet and Véronique Malé) to imagine convergences and report on our respective research.

In the afternoon, we welcome practicing researchers! In other words, a selection of people who are very interested in the idea of working on a research project related to ecological tipping points. They're not (yet) researchers, they're wondering about their theme, the timeframe for their involvement, and they're full of ideas, desires and convergences.

They are all here for the same reason: to do research differently, in the service of ecological change, but with scientific rigor.

👉 Thanks to Valentine Haran, Michael Doré, Phil Becquet, Alex Sochon, Elvire Laurans, Baptiste Cuche and Benoit Rolland de Ravel for their commitment to this seminar.

The themes raised :

- Intergenerational relations

- Impact of “CEC” (Convention of Companies for the Climate)

- Existential shifts

- Eco-anxiety

- Cooperation and shared governance

- Art and culture

- The place of communities

- Economic models of transition

- The semantics of transition

Since then, we've made the most progress on topics such as intergenerational issues, the impact of CEC and the semantics of transition. We'll keep you posted!


Discovery of the site and lunch on the estate.

Moment of inclusion for the 70 present 😃

Overview of the international research program

  • Intentions

  • Current situation

  • Presentation of submitted research papers

  • Future prospects

Open forum

Find below the presentation given on D-Day (in french only)

KOSMOGONIA - Programme de recherche international - Bascules écologiques
Download PDF • 6.92MB

Declusion and festive gathering at Caserne Bascule 🥳


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