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the world of 2050 today

Updated: 4 days ago

Welcome at La Caserne Bascule ✨

Shared governance, mutualization, local politics: how do you initiate a third place?

In this capsule-story, Phil Becquet tells us about his experience as co-founder of Caserne Bascule, an inspiring place that offers a way of life where the ecological transition has taken place.

🥹 A very special emotion to the publication of this video since:

1) We edited it ourselves in its entirety

2) We lived on the site for almost a year

3) This ecosystem has greatly enriched us The Caserne Bascule is an “island” in the @Bascule archipelago, a very special term that denotes an unprecedented form of governance.

It's part of a wider movement to tip society into a variety of transitions: social, ecological and democratic.

Enjoy your listening!


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