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Eco trade-union : Companies at the service of transitions

Updated: Mar 15

We met Anne Le Corre, the co-founder of "Printemps Écologique" (Ecological spring), a french union.

But not just any union: an eco-syndicate!

🧐 But what exactly is it? What is it for?

Why has the unionization rate collapsed in France, to the point of being among the lowest in the OECD countries?

🔥 Yet, this tool is one of the few that can negotiate binding agreements and is behind most of the social advances we enjoy today! And it has a real impact, binding and not just consultative. Ecological Spring emerged in 2018 and now has union representatives in private and public companies.

😳 It had been decades since a national and interprofessional union had been created in France! And this is quite normal, the matter is titanic!

We wanted to understand what were the stakes of Printemps Écologique, the obstacles encountered, the futures they are fighting for and how the organization mixes ecological & social stakes.

Because "there will be no ecological transition without social justice"

And you, what image do you have of trade unionism?

Do you know how it works? Are you interested in your professional elections?

Watch our story-clip, recorded in the premises of the eco-syndicate, in Bagnolet

(activate english subtitles)


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